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About GoDonut

GoDonut is an innovative and attractive stand for your mobile and tablet devices. Its’ intelligent and deceptively simple yet clever design allows users to comfortably view a tablet/phone using any of its 3 angles. GoDonut also provides the user with the stability needed to type on the phone/tablet, making GoDonut convenient and truly hands free. Available in an array of colours and finishes. GoDonut is also stackable. GoDonut is the perfect accessory to take with you, wherever you may GO.


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Partnering with GoDonut.com presents a wealth of opportunities for resellers and affiliates who share the same visions as we do for this innovative product. At the moment, we are opening our doors to limited individuals and businesses.

“Pioneers,” as we prefer to call them, are evaluated based on their standing in their respective communities and their passion to make any product a household name.


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About the Owner

The story of Raymond & Nina’s excitement for clever products is contagious! 
In high school, they were the kids that thought outside the box…doodled through classes and curiosity always seemed to get the better of them! From childhood, they were hooked on the idea of creating consumer products…but not just for conversation, but because they love to build deceptively simple, yet innovative products.  They have patent products that provide solutions. 
If you get them to start talking about new products, you will never get out of the room.  You will be equally excited about their product as they are!
Their humility and passion translates into the soul of the products they create.  Keep checking in for more donut products.  Stop by for fresh, HOT donuts!!!